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Pleasure Rides of Rajasthan

Camel safaris are exciting at you get to sit atop the loving beast and navigate the golden sand dunes. The desert safari tours range from few hours to a couple of weeks. Enjoy the ocean of sand dunes and through rural villages and revealing the spectacular sunset sights.

Cycling by the Lake

Cycling by the lakes is the most fun filled cycle tours in and around the streets, villages, hamlets and cities of Rajasthan. Cycle Safari with a Tractor Ride in a Village in Jaipur : : Experience the Cycle safari ride and Tractor ride at Samode village. 

Camping on the Sand Dunes

Camping on Sand Dunes Far from the bustling towns and cities, the Sand Dunes of Rajasthan provide several days of nice camping opportunities. Camping on Sam Sand Dunes, famous for its annual Desert Festival, is truly an unforgettable experience

Culinary Explosion

Rajasthani food is known for its various spices and also its sweetness. Rajasthan is most famous for Dalbati. Its also fa,ous for Kachori. Ghewar and Gheriya are some delectable sweet dishes originating from Mewar, available in most restuarant in Rajasthan.

Banjee Jumping and other adeventure sports

There are a lot of adventurous activities in Rajasthan from paragliding, Banjee Jumping, ziplining, hot air ballooning , Rope course, giant swings and many more